I must admit that I don’t feel ready for Week in the Life this year. It just so happens that this is the week before I head off on a 1.5 month vacation to visit family and friends in the USA. Yeah, huge trip from Italy and we are bringing our puppy as well…so lots of anxiety and worry going on in my mind. Not to mention my camera is just pointed at our little Vash all the time… will I remember to capture everything else going on?

But I’ve committed and prepared a minibook for this week…so hoping to take it easy with lots of list making, expressing my feelings in short words and phrases, rather than in-depth journaling. And of course the photos!

I have my book prepared and with a little sewing around the edges, the pages look pretty cool already. I’m definitely trying to make it as simple as possible. We’ll see how it all goes as the week unravels.

I will be going from Monday-Friday only, since we leave Saturday early morning and I don’t want to feel like I have something to unfinished at the start of vacation. It’s all about doing what works for your lifestyle… so consider joining in and doing it your own way!


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