I thought I could do it…even with the rush of things…but I have to surrender instead. I’ve decided NOT to do week in the life…this particular week in our lives.

I must admit that at first, I felt so bad for giving up. But it’s not about busy-ness …the reason I don’t want to do this week is because… I don’t want to remember this week in this way. There are major ups this week, so happy. But also major downs. Bittersweet to think about celebrating life…even though it’s more important than ever.

I feel conflicted and in the end, just don’t feel right about about this project. So I choose not to continue. Don’t want to get into the details, because I’m sure you know how the smallest silliest thing can be thrown in for pity’s sake (like cutting my thumb, great sign of domesticity, eh?)… but really the news that our cousin is losing the battle with cancer… puts in focus how important it is to live your life for the time you have. But at the same time, boils up so much anger and hurt in me as well. I can’t understand it, make sense of the why… the things we all struggle with really.

So I’m taking some time off. And we are heading off to vacation end of this week. So… just going to take time off for a while.

Thanks for following this blog and I promise…that when I come back in mid-Sept. It will be a fresh start. Ciao.

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