Here’s my opening scrapbook page for 2014 with my one little word, embrace. I’m really loving the geometric design trend and the idea of the geo heart just came to me while doodling on graph paper one day.


I thought I was really clever (for a day or two), but then realized the design is all over the place already. LOL! Oh well, it’s the collective consciousness. With a simple collage of our family in the center, some journaling and quote at the bottom, I’m done! LTieu-scrapbook-2

Of course, I added a punched heart and some stitching as well. I think that I’m finally realizing that I don’t need to add more when it’s not necessary. Keep it simple silly.


Although I’m starting up with 2014, I have actually not completed my 2013 scrapbook album. I’m totally behind, to be honest, as the role of mom took over my life last year (perhaps still the ruler of my life now). The funny thing is that I felt like I didn’t capture anything in 2013, even though it’s one of the most important years of my life! Yet when I look back I actually have more than 50 layouts in my album already! Granted some are just simple collages, but goes to show that even the smallest effort can amount to a whole lot in the end.

Hopefully I can finish up soon, continuing with my project-life-esque method of collaging photos onto a page digitally and printing it all out with some simple design touches. For now, I realize that it’s important to keep moving forward and scrap in real-time as well.

I don’t want to miss out on today, worrying about recording yesterdays memories.

How’s your scrapbooking going along?

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