Triggered by the chair theme for this week at Inspire Me Thursday, I did a quick digital illustration of something pictured in my mind.  I suppose you might see this scene at a circus or maybe Sea World?!


My imagination quickly turned the seal into other animals balancing chairs and it got me thinking…what can you do with a chair?  Obviously sit on it…but there’s so much more if you open your mind a little.  The idea of creating other uses for a particular item was intriguing.  Although trying to balance a chair on your nose might seem crazy and pointless, if you can it would seem like a pretty cool ability plus you might have fun along the way. Okay, maybe you’ll also have a bruised nose, but it occurred to me that I wasn’t thinking literally of chairs.

The idea could apply to anything in life and should be applied accordingly I think.  You can follow the rules and probably be okay, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of hidden treasures – discoveries to be made.  You always have to follow your musings, no matter what others might think of you.  In the end, you’ll never know what you might find out from your open experimentation.

Applying this thought to my work, I started thinking about just going for it and not stopping to plan all the time.  I believe that I’m a big idea person, jotting down notes all the time whenever inspiration strikes.  But I do get stuck in the preparation, not-so-ready-yet and fear modes that make me less prolific than I would like to be when creating things.  I must be missing out on so much with all my second guessing and hesitation.

Then again, could imagery of balancing things simply mean I’m trying to find balance in my life? Oh, the analysis goes on…

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