At the end of this month my son will be turning 2 years old. Wow. Talk about time flying by. Motherhood sort of swept me off my feet in many ways. The amazing miracle of it all and the joys of seeing your little one grow, smile and melt your heart every single day. But of course I always say that motherhood also kicked my butt and I struggled… oh, did I struggle!


So my blog and creative endeavors definitely took a back seat for a long time. I try to keep the creative fire going, but it just hasn’t been easy. This year I’m determined to get my groove back and wanted to share what I’ve learned from my unintended blog hiatus. It might seem all doom and gloom to abandon your audience, but turns out there are important lessons learned even when things are all quiet…


It’s okay to take time off
Yep, sometimes you really just need time off. We are all on different paths and each experience is unique. There’s no need to compare and think that you must do what another was able to pull off. You don’t know how much help they might have or what other circumstances they were living in. It’s okay to take time to regroup, re-energize and build up energy.
Rewrite the rules of the game to fit you
More than anything I’ve learned that being flexible is supremely important. The times change, your life circumstances change and you have to be open to all the change that comes. It’s so much easier to welcome it all with open arms and figure out how to make it work, instead of resisting.
The ugly side is necessary
There are many unglamorous parts no matter what kind of work you do. Whether it’s your ultimate passion dream job or not, there’s always the “job” part of things. The yucky boring uninteresting parts… and that is okay! Creating a dream job for yourself doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy as pie with no worries. Just know that there are beautiful moments of satisfaction and growth… and that it’s all worth it! Figure out ways to do what you must do, but also to enjoy all the good parts fully.
Sharing with others is endlessly fulfilling
And that is exactly why I am coming back to blogging. I sort of can’t imagine not sharing my creative endeavors and efforts. It just seems natural and the right thing to do. Community is fulfilling and I thank all of you for following me here on the blog, through thick and thin!
There is beauty and worth in all that you do
Finally, I’ve learned that it’s not about the quantity or results achieved in my creative endeavors that really matters. It’s the process of doing what makes me happy, doing what lights up my spirit and letting that passion spill out to others as well. It’s all beautiful and it’s all worth it.

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