Have you heard of the When I Grow Up Clubhouse? Well it’s finally opened up for sign-ups again, only 50 spots available and sign-ups close December 5th (if it lasts that long)! I wanted to share because I’m in the clubhouse – yeah! – and have very much enjoyed the experience.

The clubhouse is a private Facebook group – like a huge support network for creative entrepreneurs. You get monthly coaching, connection with other like-minded creatives, and a huge resource of Michelle’s worksheets to help you on your way. All the calls and expert audios are archived, so there’s a library of great advice to dive into as well. Click here and see what other Clubhouse members have to say to learn more of the details.

Michelle’s latest post says:

Group sessions! Monthly experts! A private Facebook group with 100 other creative, entrepreneurial women! Every exercise I ever wrote! Discounts! A chance to win a private session with me every month (that’s 12 chances)!

Connection! Support! Clarity! Coaching! Conversing! Learning! Growing! Mentor-seeking and agricultural-training and new-blog-launching and event-planning and product-designing and Etsy-shop-launching and media-site-creating and ESL-training and Mommy-dancing-encouraging and lingerie-producing and day-care-opening and….whew! (Yes, there’s even more going on within the Clubhouse – but I’ll be here all day if I shared them all!)

I really recommend joining the clubhouse if you are looking for support, accountability, advice and a fun time 😛 I’ve made great connections with others just by being a member of the clubhouse! Click here to get the details and join the club with me!

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