This past week as I was scrapping a few pages of recent photos, I started thinking about how the scraps have sort of disappeared in scrapbooking. No doubt, I love new designs and new products. I collect pretty papers and embellishments because darn it… I just can’t help it!

But when I actually start creating layouts, I realize that many of my purchases are beautiful and cute, but note useful for me. There are many cases when something looks super cool or adorable, but that doesn’t mean it would apply for my pages, unfortunately! ┬áMaybe that means I need to be more carefully with my purchases, but I started wondering about the absence of scraps. Whatever happened to using everyday materials and whatever we had around for our scrap-books?

I tried to make use of my materials at hand, ripping them apart, cutting things out, collaging it all back together. ┬áThere are lots of classes and tutorials about using your stash, but I can’t help but think it’s bizarre… to have to learn to use what you buy for the purpose of scrapbooking.

I tried to use my alphas for embellishment, cutting apart those 6×6 paper pads and smashing things together. Probably the only true scrap I used were the tags and menu from our Easter luncheon.

Those pieces are actual scraps of our lives. The actual scrap in scrap-booking.

Do you use actual scraps in your scrapbooking process? Does it even matter at the end of the day?

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