I really think you should read a great post by Seth Godin, Fear of shipping. His writing is usually very short and digestible because it’s super concise and packed with the point. No surprise he has so many followers and readers. I highly recommend you subscribe to his blog if you don’t already. While reading his post today, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the topic of fear has been floating in my mind all this week. Seth just puts it out there so clearly…that it’s the fear that prevents us from doing so much. The fear that stops us in our tracks sometimes. But the wonderful realization is that we all have this fear – common ground – the difference is where each of us decides to put our fear.

Simply put, do you let the fear go front and center in your life, so that it disables you completely? Do you let it control and drive the path of your life? I believe that many of us in the creative field go through this phase of fear every single time we present our work. Or perhaps this fear even prevents us from starting in the first place. So many excuses are easily thrown out – no time, perhaps it’s been done, what if I’m ridiculed, what if I fail. Funny thing is that the fear will always be there. You can choose to live in it’s shadow and accomplish/experience nothing – curl into a ball and hide! Or you can choose to put it aside and move forward. Get a bunch of stuff done, get active, create and be happy! That’s what I believe you should do. Acknowledge that fear is present – for all of us – but you should put it aside sometimes and just do it.

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