For some time now, I’ve been feeling the need to clean things out and start afresh. As I’ve been mulling over these thoughts, I imagined creating these very white pages in my art journal. Lots of history under a layer of white… but that layer will block everything out enough for new explorations. That was the idea anyway.

Here’s the first of my white out pages… and although it didn’t exactly turn out as pictured in my mind, it’s definitely a start. I had imagined more details and depth to the white. That there was so much more underneath, but I was heavy handed perhaps and it really just looks like faded colors in the background. I do like my little doodle girl though. Talk about needing smaller paint brushes though. If you ever try to do outline with a paintbrush, I think you’ll be wanting a very small brush… smaller than you think!

Although it looks a bit bare, I find it refreshing. I don’t want to add more or fill the page with color or writing. That’s it and that’s that. And it’s totally okay. Do you need a reminder to truly let yourself simplify and start afresh?

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