Talk about cutting it close today for LOAD. Nearly midnight and sort of finished with my layout. Weekends are always difficult, because it’s definitely family time, out and about… things are always happening. I wasn’t sparked by the prompt, so just decided to do the opening page for an All About Me album I am starting.

I was in a rush to get it done… but also completely unsure of how to put it together. A lot of useless tinkering with embellishments.

I’m still not sure if I like it or not. Using sticker elements… adding bits and bobs that were lying around my embellishment drawer…

It’s seemingly so neat… I feel like I need to splatter color on it. Not sure.

Don’t know why I’m getting a bit philosophical with my journaling these days as well… it reads:

Sometimes I look at old pictures with such amazement, barely able to recognize myself. Yes, it is me… but I feel oh so different from that version of me. Neither better nor worse, just with a different perspective and understanding. It makes me think about first impressions and how much time it takes to truly know someone. When we see a person, perhaps we catch a glimpse of one facet of their personality. We don’t know what the whole picture is… and even if we try to see… it’s a race against time. We are always changing, every single day. Every single person is a deep and complicated well of mysteries – is it possible to understand even ourselves? I see these photos and feel as if they are just reflections of me from one angle. I am always seeking to understand myself through constant metamorphosis and growth. Let me try and express to you who I think I am. What you see is not all that there is. Yes, that girl is me, but what you see, is not all.