This week I’ve really been concentrating on a lot of client projects, wiling the hours away on the computer coding. My husband also had a little operation on his right hand yesterday, so playing nurse and literally “right-hand woman” at other times as well. Of course, I’m not complaining at all because it’s really nice to have him home ! So this is what it would be like if we didn’t have to worry about paying the bills – har har! We have fun together just veggin’ at home…aren’t we just like old married couples – in a good way! I’m always thankful to be able to work from home, even though it becomes a 24/7 type of job. At least I have flexibility and I don’t think it’s something I can give back to the “man” if you know what I mean.

I’ve realized that there are limits, but at the same time there’s still a lot that can be done in whatever time you do have. It just takes focus…so even in busy times I squeeze in creative play. At times it just happens without my consent, too! Other times, I’m just doing one step of longer project that might require lots of waiting time…so it works out. For example, I had collaged over a canvas a while back and finally have it done now. It’s about my word of the year, focus. I had originally thought to collage more elements with the word, but realized that keeping it simple reflects the meaning so much more. The little heart is there to remind me to always go with my heart and passion, even though I must focus and use my time wisely. I think it looks really nice on our cocoa colored walls…yay!

I was also able to do some sketching and participate in the Illustration Friday theme of “sweater.” Near our house we happened to notice a hedgehog that passed away – can’t tell why as there are no injuries it seems. It’s been lying in the grass for some time and somehow I just got to thinking about animals and how perhaps they should be hibernating. One of our baby turtles sort of messed up his hibernation schedule and froze to death last year…so I had the thought in mind even though I’m not sure if hedgehogs hibernate?! Anyway, my sketch turns out to look more like a mole…but either way it was fun to draw something cute.

I’m still catching up on projects and trying to find balance in my work and creative work…but I do feel much happier and calmer already. Maybe I’m finally over the New Year rush of madness! (otherĀ CED challenge participants)

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