My second layout for LOAD is about my favorite photo and I sort of cheated, putting several of my favorites featuring Vash. They are not perfect poses or even in focus, rather those crazy moments and blurry motion shots that I refused to delete. They remind me of special moments, even if the photo itself didn’t capture things perfectly…

It’s funny how I never thought of scrapbooking such photos, even though I used to still send them to be printed. Now I can scrap them anyway, because it is about the journaling. I wrote out my thoughts and really love this page…even though it’s super simple. Here’s a close-up look at the various embellishments…

I seem to like these crazy tart colors lately, even though it seems they might hurt the eyes. In the photo above you might be able to tell the background paper has fine lines that are bright, almost neon yellow in color. Oddly pleasing to me these days. LOAD is starting out nicely for me and I’m pleasantly surprised by the process. I listen to the video in the morning and just let it sink in, creating my layout later on in the day. It works out!

Here’s the journaling on the page:

It’s funny how some of my favorite photos are the super blurry ones, especially of our little puppy Vash. Sometimes he seems to co-operate by posing for the camera, but more often than not he’s constantly in movement. I suppose that is what these photos show – the fact that he is a peppy, happy, puppy running around having fun as he should. Every little run and hop just melts my heart. He always brings a smile to my face and makes me realize that it’s okay – it’s always okay in the end. At the end of the day, even if I’m angry over something, looking at this little furball of simple happy living, brings me back into a better perspective. Life is good. Smile. Be yourself. Have fun. Move. Be silly. Laugh out loud. Enjoy the times. His free spirit reminds me of the little joys and how life is so wonderful. We love our little Vash The Stampede so very much.

Oh, I have to say the funky omens are continuing…because today I happen to puncture my thumb with my own finger nail. Sigh…the madness. Besides that, there’s still snow outside and all is well.

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