Although I should be finishing up my December Daily album, a new idea that couldn’t be shaken popped into my head. I took some packaging and made it into a wraparound mini album. The idea is to record successes in 2012, sort of cheering myself onward and helping me to remember all that did happen, versus didn’t happen.

During the new year, we tend to review our progress and resolutions. I always fail to remember anything great or fantastic from the year prior and thus beat myself up for not finishing projects. Boo hoo. I’ve realized that I need to celebrate and acknowledge my successes, instead of focusing on the negative. That’s where this minibook comes in.

We often like to make lists of to do’s and ultimate goals, along with a million projects bookmarked or starred, to be completed. I thought about how it’s important to do the opposite, to record what I have already¬†accomplished. Do you sometimes add onto your to do list, just to cross the item out? Yeah, I do that sometimes too! What a mind trick!

Of course, this mini is not about saving my to do lists of tasks. I’m thinking of bigger successes that I will want to reflect back upon at the end of the year. Finishing a project or accomplishing something for a month or adding something into my routine, etc.

So far I’ve put my little celebrate illustration postcard inside, but not sure how I will add pages into it. Any ideas on how an unknown number of successes (or pages) can be accounted for? I was thinking accordion style… but I suppose the first success will be a deciding factor.

I used the North Country line of Prima Marketing papers to cover the chipboard, but not so happy with the quality. I don’t think it’s thick enough paper to do that kind of thing, but used some white lace to hide some of my mishaps. Since I finally got some elastic, I was able to create the elastic closure to this mini, which is totally neat. The bling is actually an old button from my stash – I’m all about reusing and recycling. I’ll be sure to update as I add in entries to this mini, wish me luck!

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