Last week, I wrote a thoughts post about being anti-social, but after a bit more pondering I realize that might have been a bad choice of words. I suppose the “anti” part of it has a negative feel, when really I just wanted to note the contrast of being a homebody and being a social butterfly. More stereotypical words I suppose, but I can’t seem to conjure up different, perhaps more correct adjectives to describe what I’m thinking. Anyway, I wondered a bit more about the idea of being a pendulum that swings from one extreme to the other. Maybe some of us swing more violently than others or farther out than others…but we all go back and forth. There seems to be some kind of natural law of equilibrium that rules all.

It got me thinking about my naive definition of balance, that elusive state of ultimate tranquility where everything goes your way, we all flow smoothly and live happily ever after. I mean, it gets more complicated, but I’ve always thought that being balanced means that elusive state of perfection. However, I think we all know perfection is impossible. Having grown up a bit in the past years, I’ve noticed that there’s never been a time in my life where things just flow on without disturbance. I mean, there are tranquil times, but then something comes up…and maybe there are turbulent times, but it calms down after a while as well. Life is just full of ups and downs, lots of bumps, big and small. However, if you step back and look at the big picture timeline, it’s relatively smooth I think. I mean, things balance each other out. It’s how the Universe works.

One of my graduate professors wrote me a review about needing to find balance in my work. So I’ve always pondered what it all meant for me. Do I seem a bit off the edge and crazy? Imbalanced and inconsistent? Maybe. Again, negative connotations spring up when you say someone is imbalanced. Going back to the pendulum concept, things may look sort of crazy, swinging all over the place, but in the end we are in the middle again, until something pushes us one way or another. Perhaps being balanced has nothing to do with stillness or tranquility.

Maybe we are all balanced in our own kind of way.¬†Either we are the routine type, with a lifestyle of relatively small bumps, no biggies. Then there are the folks who prefer to go to the extremes, pulling all-nighters, but then needing to recover with lots of rest. It’s some kind of cycle and zooming out means that we all have some kind of unique balance in our lives. I mean, it’s natural, right? So I guess I should just stop worrying about being balanced. It’s overrated…

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