Fun With Art Journaling Round-Up


I know that we all like to take a peek into an artist’s sketchbook and get that behind-the-scenes look at their art processes. Often what may seem mundane to the artist, might actually be totally weird, cool and inspiring to an observer.

With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to round-up my favorite art journaling posts. It’s actually been fun to look back at my own work and getting that sense of creative accomplishment and enjoyment.

I hope my pages will inspire you to create and have fun in the process.

You Never Have To Worry About Originality

Most creatives, at one point of another, worry about the originality of their work. We all want to be unique and if you’ve ever thought you had the coolest idea of all time – you probably have also experienced the disappointment of finding that someone else has already done it. Darn.

However, we all know that nothing is completely original. Our creations are always a mash-up of past experiences and learnings. But don’t misunderstand these statements into meaning it’s okay to copy. In this digital age, it’s all too easy to literally copy and paste.

Copy, imitation, stealing… whatever word you choose to use isn’t important. I believe the distinction is in your intention. There’s a great talk by Austin Kleon that illustrates these thoughts beautifully.

Ultimately, I think the key is that you have to LOVE your work. If you have that passion for your project, it means you own it. You know that feeling, so trust yourself.

I think that is a good point of measurement. What do you think?

Scrapbooking Big Photos

It’s no surprise that I’m scrapbooking larger and larger photos, even full page photo pages without a scrap added to it.


I still love pretty paper and embellishments, but the focus has definitely shifted for me. I LOVE the photos and that is what I want to showcase more than anything else. I suppose it’s the next phase of my scrapbooking evolution :)

LTieu-scrap2 LTieu-scrap3 LTieu-scrap4 LTieu-scrap5 LTieu-scrap6

Blog Parade Link-Up: June 2014


Happy June 2014!

This is the monthly blog parade link-up so we can check-in every month to share the work we have been creating. Every step forward, no matter how small counts! Blog about your latest and greatest and share the DIRECT link to your blog post below.

On social media feel free to use hashtag #bplinkup

Can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

Getting Serious With Art Licensing

For years I have toyed around with the idea of licensing my artwork. For a variety of different reasons, I resisted taking the plunge and have only toyed around and half gone through the motions… losing leads and allowing connections to wither into the air because I lost track and lost sign of the possibilities. Sigh.


Enough playing around – I’ve had enough! Now it’s time to get serious. I took Lilla Roger’s  MATS courses and now I’ve signed up for and Tara Reed’s Art Licensing Academy. There’s no going back.

Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is. I feel like now is the time as well, it is the right time… otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to convince myself to INVEST in myself. Funny how everything falls into place.

I’m very excited for Tara’s course because I know she is a down to earth, practical, get it done – kind of person. I like that aspect because I’m not looking for creative lovey doveyness. It’s the focus, business side of things that I need help with. I’ve always looked up to Tara and have learned a lot from and her various products in the past… so I have no doubt that the academy course will push me further.

I’ll actually be back in the States the second half of June – there’s so much going on – but I’m pumped, excited and feel good about it all. I think that is a good indicator of things to come. Wish me luck!

Creative Business 101 Round-Up


Looking for some business know-how geared towards creatives like you and me?

Here’s a round-up of my most helpful creative business 101 posts, sharing lots of actionable steps to life your entrepreneurial spirit and get your work out there.

I’ve learned so much from those before me, so I’m always happy to help others who are just starting their journey!

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