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The more I learn about the amazing benefits of essential oil, the more I realize that I need to write things down. So I created this essential oil details page that focuses on one oil and useful notes for my home binder regarding that particular oil.

It’s a great way to learn more about a particular oil and really make the best use of it. Not to mention make notes as you use the oil yourself.

Keeping a details page lets you dive a bit deeper into the benefits of the particular essential oil and helps you learn more, document your learnings and have it as a reference for the entire family.

You can get this essential oil details printable PDF plus the whole library of useful essential oil printables for free. Just enter your email address below and I’ll send you the link!

BTW, I regularly use essential oils and supplements to help support my well-being, as well as balance my emotions, improve focus and kickstart my motivation. From improving my immune system to alleviating sleeping and digestive issues, I always look for natural solutions for betterment and change. If you are ready for a change, learn more about how I use essential oils here.

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