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Once you start using essential oils there will be recipe blends that you prefer over others. So it’s important to document your favorites, so you will always have them on hand. That’s why I had to create this printable recipe design, because it’s so easy to forget the little details over time.

I keep all my essential oil information in one binder – so it serves as a reference for the whole household.

I think it’s helpful to always write it all down, because trying to remember everything is really just not necessary and a waste of your mental energy. When you have it documented, you’ll always have the exact recipe to refer to and share with others.

Writing a recipe down can also help you personalize your own blends. As you use a certain recipe and experience it over time, you can journal your feelings and thoughts, making notes to help you tweak the blend specifically to your needs and preferences. When it comes to essential oils, just one drop can really change the whole blend!

Some recipes are quick and easy, whereas others might require more writing space, extra notes and details… so I’ve created a full-page version of this recipe bottle design, as well as 4 on a page and 6 on a page. Keep a couple copies of each in your home binder, so you’ll always be ready to document your favorite essential oil recipes.

Download EO Recipe LETTER PDF

Download EO Recipe A4 PDF

Download EO Recipe 4up LETTER PDF

Download EO Recipe 4up A4 PDF

Download EO Recipe 6up LETTER PDF

Download EO Recipe 6up A4 PDF

Please remember my free printables are for personal use only. If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and where I buy mine, contact me directly here.

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