free printable airmail stationery set

So I’ve always loved the look of dip pen handwriting, reminding me of the time when traditional correspondence was the norm. Unfortunately, my touristy-bought Italian dip pen set has been collecting dust in a box. I have really bad hand control and found it so difficult to write anything at all. Perhaps I was too impatient or perhaps I just didn’t give myself enough time to develop, so I want to give it another try. I realize practice makes perfect…the wonderful wisdom we learn from kindergarten.

Printable Airmail Stationery Set PDF (258 KB)

I quickly designed a cute airmail stationery set to get myself into the mood of handwriting a letter. You can see from the photo that I printed on creamy cardstock which was perfect for the envelope but too big and too thick for the stationery writing paper. I reprinted the writing paper on plain paper and that definitely looks better. These were printed at half size to make mini-letters but of course the PDF is full US Letter sized paper.

I thought I would share this printable with all of you, so feel free to download the PDF above and use for your personal writing adventures. Have fun!

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