Wow! I found a huge resource for drawing and illustration and wanted to share with all of you as inspiration today! Andrew Loomis has out of print books that are now PDFs for free download. Amazing, true and so darn useful. You should definitely check them out and see if they will help with your illustration, whether you want to be a professional or drawing just for fun – it’s always good to learn and grow as a person. The “Fun With A Pencil” one was written first and it’s a pretty darn funny read in itself.

Andrew Loomis was an illustrator in the 1930s-50s and his work has influenced many artists even today. Since his books are still being circulated, you can be sure they are of value. Thanks to Escape From Illustration Island for posting about it and he has linked and credited the lovely people who make it all available. Thank you to all and thank you to the internet. I love how resources can be easily spread to people all over the world and we can share with each other. Happy Monday and enjoy!

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