Even though I’m busy as a bee, I always find time to get a bit of art journaling in here and there. It’s helpful to just leave your art journal open and do what you can, when you can. I was just listening to the latest Creative Living with Jamie podcast where she interviews Stampington & Company’s Editor-in-Chief, Christen Olivarez. Christen mentioned how she has her art journal and supplies in the office, so whenever she has a moment or even more importantly needs a moment – she can go at it! I think that’s a great idea and although I didn’t consciously set that up for myself, since I have my journals and supplies littered around my room – I get the same benefit.

I started thinking about the notion of taking some time out because we need it, not only because we would like to. Maybe even the yearning to do something is really the body and soul crying out for that kind of time? I guess we have to twist the words a bit and not say that we are taking time – as if taking away from something else – rather making the time. So much more positive, even if it’s just a little mind trick on yourself perhaps. It sure has a whole different connotation to it. It might only be 5 minutes, but let’s all go make time for ourselves! You can see below that sometimes I go my journal in the midst of working, when something goes awry! Afterwards I always feel better 🙂