Hi everyone! So on a whim one day, I just created these circle definition embellishments. I cut them out and framed them, but had no plan of how I was going to use them. Just wanted to make them. They are free here for your download as well…

Download Circle Definitions PDF

I finally decided to scrapbook with them and create different layouts, even though it’s the same type of embellishment. I used kraft paper, although had to start a different pack midway and it’s all a bit differently colored sadly! Either way I really enjoyed creating different layouts and just playing. Finally got some old fashioned scrapbooking into the day…yay!

I posted all of them on my 2ps profile here

I realized that since I love sort of plain kraft paper to start with, I really should just buy a bound journal to scrap on…maybe that would keep things neater? Often we add patterned papers on top of everything anyway… a bit like Kristina from 2ps and how she scrapbooks in a spiral bound journal of kraft paper, I think… will definitely have to check that out. Gonna try to get more scrapbooking fun in today, so until next time – ciao ciao!

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