Happy Thursday to everyone! Just wanted to give you a peek at my creative workspace today…

I’ve been trying to clean up my room, but as I go through stuff I get ideas and start creating. I also seem to create a mess, so in the end there really hasn’t been a lot of clean-up either way. Oh well! Blame it on the ice coffees I can’t seem to stop myself from having. Maybe that’s where the “high” comes from ­čÖé

I have been making little journals to send to friends and even though I still can’t cut straight for the life of me, they are so darn cute anyway. Something about the smaller size perhaps? ┬áThese babies are around 11 cm square sized, itty bitty but still enough space to work on.

Since I’ve rediscovered my leather stash, I’m really into making journals right this moment and experimenting with different ways to create a closure…that’s always the most challenging part for me.

Otherwise, I really need to finish up another tissue paper roll minibook I created, house shaped this time! I’m going to put pictures of my family with a funny quote attached. You can see the roof of the houses lift up to reveal the tag portion. It’s going to be hilarious because my grandma-in-law says the funniest things…

I also saw a great video profile of artist Jonas Gerard today and since I’ve been prepping a tiny booklet with gesso – seemingly forever – stalling I suppose – I feel it’s time to start with my mini abstracts. It’s going to be a bit of creative play painting time with extremely loud music…but in miniature form for cuteness…LOL!

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