It’s easy to keep track of your essential oils when you only have a few bottles, but over time your collection grows and our memory can also fail us at times. So I thought it would make sense to create an inventory printable that serves as a master list for your essential oil inventory.

The idea is to log each bottle of essential oil you own, name, bottle  size and expiry date, along with any other notes you might want to include. This is a great way to have an at-a-glance view of your essential oils and easily be reminded of the expiry dates, because time flies!

Use this free printable to help you keep track of your essential oils and get the most use out of them.

Download EO Inventory LETTER PDF

Download EO Inventory A4 PDF

I regularly use essential oils and supplements to help support my well-being, as well as balance my emotions, improve focus and kickstart my motivation. From improving my immune system to alleviating sleeping and digestive issues, I always look for natural solutions for betterment and change. If you are ready for a change, learn more about how I use essential oils here.

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