Because lobsters stay together forever, check out this free lobster art printable for Valentine’s, couples and love themed projects.

Free lobster art printable - it's forever love art print with lobster.

Because we all need a free printable lobster it’s forever art print – for our walls, cubicles, desks, planners – for loved ones and all!

If you have ever watched My Bestfriend’s Wedding, you’ll know that there is a musical scene when they all sing I’ll Say A Little Prayer For You. Besides being an epic part of the film, you might also notice that the servers at the restaurant have lobster claw mitts and they are waving them about in the background! It’s hilarious, silly, but fun! And in a flash, I had this vision of lobsters making the heart motif with their claws – such a trendy thing these days to say “i heart you” – right? So that’s how this design has come to be.

Also because people have said, lobsters mate for life – is that actually true? I don’t know, but I think it’s a lovely ideas. It’s forever! So that’s the origin story of this design and I’ve made it into a free printable lobster it’s forever art print!

I hope you will enjoy this funny little art print I have created, just download your preferred paper size below.

lobster its forever art print

Download lobster its forever art print A4 PDF
Download lobster its forever art print LETTER PDF

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