free printable calendar 2018

Looking for an inspirational, yet simple and cute free printable calendar?

Well, it’s not just for decoration, because this printable also makes a great yearly tracker for new habits you are wanting to form. Let me share the multiple uses possible for this printable, not just as a simple wall decoration.

We all love to have a wall calendar with a year-at-a-glance, but I have found that over time it just slips out of my mind. It’s like advertising that is always there, so much so that you forget to even look. I realized it’s because I was not interacting with the calendar, so it slips into the background that way.

Then one day, it sort of dawned on me that a yearly calendar would make an amazing yearly tracker. It’s simple and focused! In the bullet journaling world, we all know about habit trackers and how extensive they can sometimes be. A huge list of things we hope and wish that we will do on a daily or weekly basis. The problem with those trackers for me personally, is that it’s an end of day list to check-off that can often result in a lot of disappointment…having missed or forgot to do a lot of things.

When it comes to new habits or forming new habits especially, it requires a lot more effort than just the accountability of need to check off a box.

I realized that with all habits, we need a trigger that gets us to do that thing. Once it becomes a habit, then we probably no longer need to track it, because it already happens naturally.

So that’s how I got the idea of using this free printable calendar as a habit tracker. If I actually put it in the location of where the action should happen, then it’ll serve as a reminder (the trigger) to doing the action. Yay! Even though it might seem like we might have too many calendars stuck all over our house… it really goes to show what is truly a top priority in our lives and what it is we really want to make a habit.

The good thing about habits is that once you form them, then you probably don’t need to track them anymore. Check out my video on this very topic, as I go through how I use this free printable calendar in multiple ways.

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Download this free printable calendar in your preferred paper size and track away!

free printable calendar 2018

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