free printable space stationery set
Looking for a free printable space stationery set? Because you are in the right place to download a black and white, ink-friendly print-at-home stationery set – perfect for this month of April Letterwriting!

A few years back, I guested posted for a family blog and created a lot of printables, but never shared them directly here on my blog. So I thought it would be good to post these free printables here for everyone now!

Often we don’t find a lot of neutral or even masculine themed printables and stationery, so I thought the theme of space would be a nice change to my usual girly cute style. I created a poster called “infinite possiblities” because that is what space truly means to me, so much openness and opportunity, right?

You can download the graphic to use as an art print or decorate your snail mail package, so everything is in theme. Just click on the image below to get the full size.

infinite possiblities art printable

However, since April is National Letterwriting Month, I thought it was only right to also include a printable stationery set! Since this is a black and white design, it’s really printer friendly, you can print as many copies as you need! You can download the A4 or LETTER paper sized, envelope template and stationery writing paper. Download via the links below the image.

printable space stationery set

Infinite Possibilities Envelope A4 | Infinite Possibilities Stationery A4

Infinite Possibilities Envelope LETTER | Infinite Possibilities Stationery LETTER

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