free printable DIY happy bird day card

This week has been full of computer-time and digital work for me, so when I needed to make a birthday card for a friend I naturally started with a digital design. With birds on the brain from my daily bird exercise, the phrase “bird-day” instead of “birthday” popped in my head. I decided to go with it and designed some pieces to print out, then put together for more tactile feel. I will be creating a nest for the birdie with strips of kraft paper on the front of the card. Who doesn’t love hybrid handmade, right? I thought I would share the graphics with all of you – perhaps it will be of use.

Download Happy Bird-Day Designs PDF

Feel free to use it in your personal projects and drop me a comment if you can share your finished project. I always like to see if my freebies are actually being used…hehe!  The first page is for the front of the card and I created a second page for the inside panels as well. Happy hump day to all and until tomorrow…ciao ciao!

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