The other week I was at the grocery store, a big chain called Coop here in Italy and they were selling these tiny bottles of Nutella, ornament-sized so you could decorate your Christmas tree. My mother-in-law thought it would be cute to make a Nutella Tree since my husband is addicted to the stuff! Of course, I wasn’t willing to pay 2 euros an ornament, especially if you aren’t going to eat it afterwards…yeah, I’m frugal like that. So an idea was sparked, to use one of the big jars of Nutella – we go through many of them in a year and I use them as pencil holders – to make a Christmas-ish tree. It definitely has a holiday look to it, but also something I can just leave on the shelf all year round.

Enter my Nutella tree! Sort of Charlie Brown Christmas tree-ish, no? I basically stuffed the empty nutella jar with brown fabric to imitate the color. Then I sealed it up and covered the rim with some festive ribbon. For the top, I cut a hole and stuck in some branches I found outside to form the tree. All the leaves are just freehand cut felt pieces, with a sewn line through the middle. I realize now they are a bit limpy, so perhaps adding a wire center or stuffing them might create a perkier version. The ornaments are actually just buttons glued on top of each other.

It turned out really cute in the end, even if it’s all a bit limpy. I added some Kinder chocolate bars to the bottom of the tree for more decoration and love how all the colors just match up. Maybe you can make your own Nutella tree…or peanut tree? Whatever kind of cut jar you have around! Ciao ciao!

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