You might have noticed that Wednesdays happen to be freebie days here on In my mind I like to celebrate the middle of the week (hump day) by sharing something with all of you. This past week, in my attempts of planning and organizing, I whipped up some printable notepages for myself. They have motivational quotes at the bottom, to help encourage me to follow my dreams, believe in myself and move forward. I’m big on quotes, if you haven’t noticed already…I collect them like stamps 🙂

Download Printable Notepages with Motivational Quotes ZIP file of PDFs (3.4 Mb)

These notepages have been designed on A4 paper, the normal size here in Europe, so I can just print and cut in half. So for all the USA’ers you’ll have to Fit-to-Paper when printing or set it to a smaller percentage to make it fit on your paper size. Otherwise, you can make them even smaller to be notecards as well.  Enjoy and feel free to spread the word. Ciao ciao!

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