Self-love does not mean you are self-ish or self-centered. Please don’t fall into that shame trap. I believe that self-love is truly about taking the time to replenish, heal and nurture your body, mind and spirit.

It’s not just a good-to-do thing… it is a necessary thing to do. You cannot truly nurture others fully, if you do not deeply love and nurture your own self. Makes sense, right?

So do you truly love yourself?

Yes? Maybe? Not quite sure? Perhaps you can always improve and do better?

I often find myself pondering this topic of self-love and self-care. When is it enough, when have I done a good job or have I gone overboard and beyond? How can I know what is right or wrong?

That’s why I created this self-love checklist. It’s a quick run down that you can revisit from time to time, to see how you are doing in the self-love department. It’s especially helpful when you are feeling restless or in the blues.

Try diffusing some grounding and soothing essential oils, then settle down to really tune into your thoughts and journal it out.

MIND: What does your inner monologue and dialogue sound like?
Do you treat yourself kindly? I often hear people berating themselves and calling themselves names and it pains me so much! Even if it seems like a minor thing, I believe it’s a detail that can shift your entire perspective and self-esteem. Please remember that you are not a stupid person ever, but sometimes you might do some stupid things. There is a difference between saying, “Oops that was a silly thing to do!” versus “Ugh, I’m such a stupid person, why did I do that?” Think about it.

Your mind also needs constant nourishment and even challenges for stimulation. So do you let yourself follow your curiosities and explore new avenues? Keep things interesting and always be open to learning new things!

BODY: What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Are critical comments immediately popping up in your head? Or do you love your body, just as it is? How we see our physical bodies, reflects our feelings of self-worth and esteem. So it’s important to have a positive attitude. And even when you want change, is it in a shaming, damning manner or simply reaching towards improvement and growth? Big difference.

And of course, it’s important to make sure you are eating and moving your body. We all know those are pillars to living well and feeling good.

SOUL: What are your hobbies and do you spend enough time with them?
What activities make you lose track of time, because you are in the flow? Do you meditate or dance or create art? Do you practice your “flow” activities and enjoy them often enough to nurture your spirit?

It’s so important to nurture your creative soul. Feed it well and even give it a vacation at times. But most of all, just make sure you make time for soul activities, no matter how busy your schedule might be. Sometimes it’s a matter of standing still, me-time, peace and tranquility.

SPACE: How do you feel in your home, room, desk?
We all want a safe and pleasant environment to nestle into, so make sure you give yourself that space. Make the best of what you have, but make it yours. Decorate to your heart’s content and don’t forget that your physical space is often a reflection of your head space.

Finally, give love to receive love.
Do you show your love to those around you in a real, physical way? When was the last time you handed out a compliment? It’s easy to be super focused on our internal selves, but we also have to take note of how we reflect our thoughts and feelings outward.

Sometimes I find myself spending a lot of time thinking instead of doing. So I need the reminder to actually put my thoughts into action, because the people around you cannot read your mind. It’s important to check-in and see if you are also giving, helping and loving on a regular basis…

Want a pretty printable version of this checklist? How about a blank version so you can create your own specific questions to revisit and check-off?

self love checklist printable

Download EO Self-Love Checklist PDF

Download EO Self-Love Checklist blank PDF

Are you taking good care of your mind, body and spiritual health? I hope my printables will help you along your health and wellness journey. Love to you!


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