Wowsers!  I have been busy with work and some new ventures, completely neglecting my love for paper crafting and card making.  This week I had to get back into it especially because Autumn approaches and it is such a lovely time of the year.  The color palettes and motifs are so inspirational for creating designs and patterns.  I wanted to participate in the latest Digital Tuesday Challenge as it called for a clean and simple fall themed card, a perfect way to get me back into designing useful freebies.

Of course, my printer had to pick this moment to completely run out of ink.  So normally I would print out digital papers and designs to put together manually and color in.  This time around, considering the circumstances I created my card entirely digitally, so here it is:


I created the leaf pattern and digital stamp of the pumpkins with matching leaves, so you can also download them below and use for your personal projects.  Both color and line versions are available as well.  Note that the leafy pattern is a repeating tile, so you can pop it into Photoshop and define it as a pattern, then use it to fill up whatever space you need.  Hope that makes sense!  The pumpkins are just large images, so you click to get the full version then download.


Enjoy the freebies and thanks for visiting and checking out my card design.  I hope to be more active moving forward, so let me know what type of files work for you as well.  I’m always open to comments and suggestions.  I just love being able to create designs on the fly, for whatever theme or card type I need.  Woohoo!

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