how to start art journaling

Art journaling is really no different from a dear diary type of idea, except that putting art in front of journaling gives you free reign to do whatever you want in your book.

Yup, it means you can add in words or not at all. It means you can splash colors or keep it black and white. You can sew in your pages or collage with a variety of materials.

It’s all about recording and documenting your feelings and life experience through various forms of creative expression, inside a book full of pages.

I personally love to collage, paint, doodle and mix a bunch of different materials together in my art journal pages. But it can be whatever you want it to be. Some people mostly write in their journals and add just a few visual elements here or there. Others like to collage their everyday ephemera into their pages, making it a direct reflection of their days.

Now, I do realize sometimes having too many options can be intimidating.

So here are a series of videos of how I started an experimental art journal. You can follow each video to create your own pages along with me or just take from the idea and create something with whatever materials you have access to.


If you want to learn more about art journaling for beginners, you might want to check out my very first zine all about art journaling here.

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