how to stay emotionally healthy

We all know that we have to eat healthy and take care of our physical bodies, but what about your emotional health?
Where do you stand?

Life is filled with a gamut of emotions and it’s not always possible to process them all in the moment. The issue is that most of us just shut out our feelings, instead of spending a bit of time understanding them. We push our feelings aside because we’ve just got other things we have to do in our busy everyday schedules.

The problem is that all these emotions build up inside and one day, the cup runneth over and we explode, often lashing out a load of emotions on an unsuspecting subject.

I know that when I lose patience with my kids, it’s not because their bit of disobedience truly warranted such an explosive response. It’s usually because I’m bogged down with so many emotions from a long period of time that I haven’t properly processed.

How often do you find yourself overreacting to certain situations? You might realize this after the fact and think, gosh, I really could have avoided all the drama!

Sure, we are all human and sometimes our responses come out a bit too strong. The issue is that these outbursts are not constructive. They are not helping anyone really… it’s just a vicious cycle.

We have to work on being responsible for our emotional health and processing our feelings as they come up, so we don’t keep feeding that pot of emotions that can boil over in anger and anxiety.

So how do we keep emotionally healthy?

I’ve learned that it is really important to take notice of our moods and how we truly feel. If your emotions run over, take note and acknowledge the situation. Even if the “victim” is a little kid, you can explain. You can apologize. Be a model for them to learn from.

How often do you blow up at your significant other, but the reasons behind it are completely unrelated the matter at hand? When you realize this, don’t hesitate to just apologize and explain.

Say something like, gosh, I’m just so stressed about this work situation, sorry for overreacting. It’s really not that difficult and these little mindful steps will slowly but surely change your perspective and allow you to be more aware of your feelings.

You also want to take care of yourself and nurture your needs. If you are feeling anxiety, sad or worried about something… explore those feelings. Don’t hide them or ignore them. You have to take some time to journal your thoughts out, talk to a loved one and work through them. Whether you have to go for a run to clear your mind or go work out at the gym… do whatever you need, so you aren’t bottling up emotions.

Sometimes you have to deal with issues and life situations that cause you distress. If you can’t change certain parameters, you can at least deal with them, so you can decompress. Maybe you need girls nights out, venting sessions or dance parties. Whatever can help you process emotions that are unavoidable.

The key is to be aware and take care!

When we are emotionally healthy, it means we are able to cope with all the challenges life might throw at us and recover from setbacks, to live better and happier.

Keeping yourself emotionally healthy doesn’t mean you will never get depressed, stressed or anxious. Rather it means you have a toolkit for dealing with hard times, enabling you to live life to the fullest – despite all the challenges.

I’m always working to boost my emotional health and resilience and often revisit these areas of my life to make sure I’m nurturing them.

  • eating healthy
  • staying active and fit
  • social connection
  • getting enough rest and sleep
  • managing stress and moods

One thing I have found particularly useful is to incorporate the use of essential oils in my rituals and habits, to help manage and balance my moods.

I can turn to an easy and natural solution when it comes to negative moods such as stress, lack of motivation and fatigue. Using essential oils has helped me to be more emotionally balanced and actively improve my attitude in any situation.

It’s definitely been a game changer, and I encourage you to find whatever you need to help yourself build up your emotional health.

Essential Oils for Mood Management

If you want to learn how essential oils can help you personally, contact me directly here with your top health concern.

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