After creating my first digital card design, I was happy to learn from Micki the existence of Digital-Ink Co and their challenge blog. Since noticing that I had completely forgotten to share my watermelon slice digital stamps – I thought it was the perfect opportunity to participate in the current recipe challenge at Digital-Ink Co.  I decided to design my own paper backgrounds to go with the watermelon slice designs and went all digital.  Here’s my card design:


I might have gone a bit overboard with all the patterns and bright colors, but I just couldn’t help myself. I am realizing more and more how fun it is to design my own backgrounds and images as well as laying out cards digital.  Seems a way to go green and test out layouts.  Of course, I still like piecing the cards together with real paper when I send to family and friends – something about feeling the papers and having all the layers there in real life!  Hope you like my designs and below are some of the digital elements for your personal enjoyment.  Cheers!


Download the watermelon stripes design PDF

Download the watermelon seeds design PDF

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