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Ready for a lifestyle change?

I truly believe that we have to take a holistic approach when it comes to health and wellness. Holistic simply means that I believe that all parts of our mind, body and spirit are interconnected and must be cared for equally.

So to live a full and happy life, you have to take into account your whole person, not just treating symptoms of an issue, but take into account mental and social factors. It’s really all interconnected.

Think of how you can physically be just fine, yet emotionally be suffering and not well.

What I’ve learned is that there are different parts of our lifestyle that we have to address to make sure we nurture mind, body and soul. That is the key to living well.

I was first introduced to the wellness pyramid after discovering doTERRA essential oils. The great thing about the company is that they aren’t just selling oils. They are founded on a wellness philosophy of healthy living. They educate us on self-care and taking a proactive role in our own health and wellness.

I have learned that to live healthier and happier, I simply have to address the various areas in the wellness pyramid to make sure I’m taking care of myself.

For basic things like eating healthy and exercising, I think we all know we SHOULD be doing those things. The hard part is doing them…

At the base of the pyramid is healthy eating and exercise. This is probably something we all already know. Of course, as with all things, knowing is one thing. Doing and making it a part of our lifestyle is the hard part.

The key is to use the tools and resources around us to help make healthy choices easy and routine! Whether you use essential oils, bullet journaling, accountability or whatever to motivate you – whatever works! Use whatever you need to do the right thing!

As we move up the wellness pyramid, we start to hit upon categories that we often neglect.

Getting enough rest and managing our stresses in life are supremely important to contributing to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Yet, we all often don’t even consider them important aspects.

But there are plenty of research articles and scientific studies about how the lack of sleep and rest is really a huge factor in our lack of energy, focus and motivation for doing things. Effectively, we are setting ourselves up for failure, right?

There’s also this idea of stress management and I like to say, mood management. Life is full of ups and downs and we must have tools for helping us deal with the challenges and changes of moods we experience.

It’s not about being happy all the time – that’s certainly not possible!

It’s really about how we react to negative situations and events. How we can help ourselves process them, so we can get back to a more balanced state. Maybe you love art journaling. Maybe you get it all out physically when you work out at the gym. Maybe essential oils are a great option for you to deal with anxiety, uplift your mood and get through the day.

Whatever tools you use, I hope you have a list of things to go to for this exact purpose. Don’t underestimate how being mindful of your feelings, addressing them and processing them… can be such a boost in your lifestyle for living better and being more well-balanced.

I myself have experienced such a HUGE change, as I worked on balancing my moods and dealing with my feelings day to day, instead of stuffing them down and thinking it’s all fluffy, mushy stuff.

You feel a certain way for a reason, so address it. I believe it is an integral part of learning more about ourselves. When we feel something, it’s our bodies telling us we need to address those feelings. It’s such and important skill to learn throughout life and if you have kids, you should definitely be thinking about how being emotionally agile is a super important skill to develop in life. One of those life skill things, that is not something they teach at school unfortunately!

As you move up the wellness pyramid there is the reminder to reduce toxic load, another huge factor that affects how we feel. The products we use and put on and in our bodies… the varied chemicals we use in our homes and expose our entire family to. What you use today, is it what you want for your life and family?

Are you effectively adding toxins to your body from the moment your children are born?

I don’t mean to be hysterical or judgemental about it. I know we all try to do our best and we have limitations depending on our lifestyle and situation. But just being more aware of the products we choose, will alter your way of thinking. Suddenly you will take more notice and realize there are better choices available. After having kids, I definitely became more aware of the importance of the products we use, especially when certain people have certain allergies.

Consider how something that seems just a little bit today… how it builds up over time. After days, weeks, months, years, decades of time in your life. It has a huge impact.

You can imagine the amount of toxins we are adding to our lifestyle if you think long term, so make whatever little changes you can. Using natural products, eating organic… avoiding the obvious bad choice when there are better options available, right?

Finally we move to informed self-care and proactive medical care.

I think of this part of the pyramid as multi-faceted because there are the obvious things that one might think of first. Self-care in terms of our bodies and hygiene. Medical care in terms of getting our check-ups regularly and going to the doctor for professional help when needed.

Those aspects seem natural, but what about self-care for your mind and spirit?

Time and time again, I move back to this holistic way of thinking… to ensure that all parts of you, the WHOLE YOU, is being taking care of. Not waiting for something bad to happen, that you then have to address, but to be proactive about caring for yourself.

Personally, essential oils have made all the difference for me. I have developed amazing routines and rituals to help myself not only pay attention to the physical aspects that need care, but the emotional aspects as well.

And let’s talk a bit about being pro-active instead of re-active.

When you are pro-active at the command center of all things you, it means you are making sure all is well and taking care of areas that might be a bit depleted or needing… before it gets really bad. Think about how much easier it is to bounce back from really challenging events in your life, when you are running on the borderline of breaking down. Know what I mean?

I want to live well and at the best, most optimal level possible. Why not, right?

That is why I think it’s really important and helpful to consider the wellness pyramid and what goals you have for each area. If you have a lot of things you need to work on, tackle one area of focus first. You can then go from there with the momentum of change in your life. Every journey begins with a single tiny step.

I created this wellness pyramid printable as a reminder for myself to address all areas of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great reminder for when you feel a bit off, so you can stop and consider what is needing.

With this printable worksheet you can evaluate where you stand in the various levels of the wellness pyramid and where you want to be instead. Then you can formulate the steps your need to take to move forward to a better living.

To improve your life, you have to make some changes and they will be long-lasting ONLY if you change your lifestyle habits!

wellness pyramid

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I hope this printable will help you with along your wellness journey. If you are interested in learning how essential oils can help you in your wellness journey, contact me directly here with your top health concern.