Printable Library Pocket Template

I’ve been busily finishing up Issue 2 of Pensieri, my handmade zine and since the topic is Pockets Galore – have also been creating lots of pocket examples and prototypes. I thought it would be nice to share a pocket template with everywhere, especially since these library pockets are so in style these days. You simply print out the template, cut to size, fold along the lines and adhere to your project. Nice and easy! You can also go back and download the printable library journaling cards I posted previously to put in this pocket as well…perfect for your paper crafting projects or add some photos to put in your scrapbook projects.

Download Printable Library Pocket Template PDF

Also, please feel free to spread the word about my free printables, just credit me and point folks back to this blog post. I would really appreciate it! Enjoy and have a great day!

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  • Cynthia Schelzig

    well this is really nice of you to give us this template…thanks!
    Also, your gorgeous little angels below…what a fab Xmas deco!
    and thanks for the tip on the utube vids for the art lessons…
    how do you find this stuff …thanks…for all the inspiration!!

    • linda

      Hi Cynthia – happy to hear from you and glad you find my posts useful! It’s just me exploring and experimenting…and thought it would be nice to share :)

  • Tanya

    Nice template- thanks for sharing. I use library pocket to hold gift cards. Nice idea for Christmas!

    • linda

      you are welcome! you can actually create a gift-holder template too…I have one in issue 2 of pensieri :) it’s the same size as business card holders too!

  • Tanya

    Hi Linda, BTW you also need a “tweet this” button at the end of your blog posts! So we can share your great stuff!

    • linda

      oh, great point! I had something before, but then it conflicted as a plugin…time to find something new!

  • geek+nerd

    How very useful! Thank you for sharing.

    • linda

      You are very welcome, enjoy!

  • Amanda McMillen

    These are nice. I am working on a gift for my mother and I think I will use this!

    • linda

      Glad you can use it – have fun!

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