I’m taking MATS Assignment Bootcamp and wanted to share a peek into my process from start to finish. It was an exploration of cuckoo clocks and I always enjoy doodling away many variations and ideas. This is probably the easiest part, because I can run away with my imagination.


Since I’m just sketching around, it’s fun to explore crazy ideas. I usually sketch a lot and in multiple sessions, because you come up with more ideas when you revisit the topic over time.


At some point, usually because time has run out… I decide to go with one version and sketch it out in more detail. There’s still a lot of changes at this point, I use the eraser a lot or do a couple versions to see what I like the most.


When I’m ready, I go ahead and ink it up with black pen, scan it into the computer and vectorize it in Illustrator. Then it’s a matter of digital coloring that takes a whole lot of time because I’m indecisive!


Sometimes this process is repeated when things don’t turn out right or I change my mind and have to sketch again, ink and scan. Ultimately, it means lot of hours in front of the computer fiddling around and experimenting. I usually add texture to the piece at the very end and hopefully call it completed. Having deadlines actually helps with that bit, because I can let my work sit there forever, not knowing if I can consider it done or not! Below is the final piece I submitted to the gallery using the color trend suggestions from Lilla. I definitely stuck with my sweet cute style in the end. You can see all the beautiful artwork from February in the Bootcamp gallery here. Enjoy!


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