Happy Tuesday to everyone! Each week I will be sharing my art journaling pages and if you want, please join me in some fun doodling and free expression. I would love to see your work, just comment with a link I’ll check it out. So last week I started a new journal, working on the cover image. Now I am just starting to dig into the pages of this recycled catalogue, seeing what I can do with the paper. I found some solid paint markers for sale at my local art shop, 1 euro a piece – so bought my favorite colors and tested them out in my journal. I love the big blocks of color and thankfully it dried just like acrylic paint, no smearing or smudging. You can also see below that I decided to keep the Spring Summer 2010 text in this fashion catalogue, because it actually works for the journal dating too. Pretty sweet!

I worked with free collage today, not big plans or layouts in mind. Just cutting with my scissors. I made some simple circle flowers from some washi papers I had lying around, nice and easy but cool looking with all the patterns.

Just a smattering of flowers to go with a happy Springtime theme.

After glueing the papers down and flattening with some heavy books, I went in with a black marker to doodle in the stems.  Then I started using my copics to add color and even a white gel pen for some highlights. Of course, I managed to smear some of the black with my hand as well as alcohol when I applied the yellow background.  I’m not sure what I was trying to do with alcohol, just went with it despite the smearing.

In the end I have a very bright and happy springtime layout, a nice beginning to my new journal.  How about you? Do Springtime and flowers inspire you to doodle away?

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