Continuing my efforts to talk about money without shame… I was thinking about how every year, tax time forces me to really see the big picture of my finances. I’m actually pretty good about keeping records and we all should be paying attention to financials quarterly, if not more often. But with the numbers all there in black and white – final for the year – ready to be mailed out to the IRS, you just can’t gloss over the facts.

I realize that I truly dread tax time, not for the numbers or paperwork required. It’s not the work that scares me, I actually get satisfaction from filling out forms and finishing such tasks. What bothers me, is facing the reality of my financial situation. It’s scary, frustrating, and depressing.

Perhaps we can never be 100% satisfied with our financial situation – or is that exactly one of the limiting beliefs that is leading me astray?

I know that is takes hard work to earn money. I suppose I really need to tend my garden of money. It’s in a very sad state. I think there’s potential for abundance – to grow and flourish – but right now, it’s a not-so-inspiring barren landscape.

Lately, I’ve been in the mode of not spending a dime (well, expect for books). I keep thinking that the frugal state will help in some way. But in the big picture, no matter how little you might be spending – you’ll still run out at some point. Instead, the well needs to be filled. It’s like adding nutrients to your garden, so the plants can flourish. Otherwise, the land is just used up and no good.

I need to concentrate on getting more money to flow in, not just limiting or blocking the money that flows out. It’s not a balanced way to think about it and would not create a sustainable ecosystem. In thinking about it in this way, I understand more why some gurus seem to be telling you to spend money – or not be afraid to spend money. It’s a state of mind for the whole landscape to function in balance.

Have you thought about your money landscape? (I hope you have done your taxes!)

How can we make our financial gardens sustainable and flourishing through the seasons?

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