We all need time to recharge our bodies and minds. It’s not always about tasks lists and check marks. We all know this!

The problem is when we take breaks that aren’t really breaks. When I think I’m resting, I’m not really getting recharged at all. I’m still going…

Surfing on the internet is exhausting. It’s not a recharge type of activity. Watching a movie doesn’t let my mind rest…I’m usually having conversations inside my head, analyzing this and that.

Recharge activities are supposed to give you energy after the fact. If you still want to veg-out or go to sleep afterwards…I don’t think the original purpose was served.

So I’m thinking more about my breaktimes. If my recharge activities are working. Do I feel energized afterwards…or drained even more?

I know that I need to find better ways to truly recharge.

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