Printable DIY Mini Zine

I was inspired by Ali Brown recently in her post here about making mini zines with one sheet of paper. I have actually heard of this before, but sort of rediscovered the joy!

I decided to create my own version that is printable and fillable. My thought was to create a positivity zine, so you can add gratitude and journal within it. Also makes a great gift or addition to happy mail that you are sending out. ¬†Here’s a quick video showing how you would construct this zine, plus close ups of my design.

You can definitely make your own mini zine and there are a million themes and topics you can touch upon. It’s great for anything you want to duplicate since making copies would be super easy. Try it out and have some zine fun! If you want to print my zine design, you can find it on my patreon here.

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Thanks for watching!

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