A while back I had the honor of being interviewed by Sister Diane over at CraftyPod. We talked about drawing fearlessly and how much it means to me to simply “doodle.” Go ahead and check out the free podcast and let me know what you think -> (free for a few more days only!)

In the midst of vacation and the scorching summer heat here in Italy, I had forgotten to post about the podcast earlier. But it’s not too late to listen in. I hope that sharing my thoughts will help to spur others into the hobby of drawing. I really do feel that it’s one of those skills we should all learn to a certain extent, like reading and speaking and dance! We all did those things as kids with no second thoughts. And how wonderful was that freedom in our childhood years? It’s all apart of enabling yourself to express your feelings and thoughts in different ways. Through words, through images, through movement…

How do you feel about drawing and does it help your creative process even though your art might not be in illustration or visual media? Any comments or thoughts you would like to share?

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