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From my digital design vault, here are a set of cute photo frame downloads to use with your photos and scrapbooking. I definitely had instagram on my mind when I created these, because suddenly everyday photo taking was expanded and considered normal across the board. It’s not just scrapbookers, but everyday we all have the ability to document our lives, since snapping a photo with our phones is so easy.

Now, it’s time to actually put those photos to use and print them out or put them together in an album. With a variety of photo frames to choose from, you can use my photo frame love designs on top of your own 4×6 photos! They make a great decoration and accent. You get high quality PNG files, so they are also great for printing and use as journaling cards or┬ádecoration for planners and art journaling.

Download Photo Frame Love ZIP file here

I hope you enjoy using these designs and let me know if you like them. Feel free to tag me on social media @tortagialla and if you like my designs, be sure to sign-up for my weekly newsletter for more.

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