essential oil recipe label - fillable PDF

Let’s face it, I would like to think my memory is pretty good and I can remember the latest cool essential oil recipe I’m trying out. Unfortunately, life gets busy and time flies, so a few weeks later I have no idea how many drops of what was included in a particular mix. Oops!

It’s great to write your recipes down somewhere, but I think it’s also important to label your spray bottles. If someone else is using it or comes across it, they will know what it contains exactly, instead of something generic like “cleaner.”

So I decided to design these nifty labels that I print on sticker paper and attach to my spray bottles. You can also print on regular paper and use transparent tape to cover it all up – whatever sticks!

The cool thing about these labels is that you can fill in the fields yourself before printing!

Eliminates the mistakes and bad handwriting issues! Your essential oil bottles will be looking pretty and you’ll remember exactly what the recipe was when you need to refill the bottle. No scrambling through old notes, right?

eo labels fillable

Download EO Labels LETTER Fillable PDF

Download EO Labels A4 Fillable PDF

I regularly use essential oils and supplements to help support my well-being, as well as balance my emotions, improve focus and kickstart my motivation. From improving my immune system to alleviating sleeping and digestive issues, I always look for natural solutions for betterment and change. If you are ready for a change, learn more about how I use essential oils here.

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