Let's Get Healthy Daily Log Printable

When you don’t feel well, it’s a total drag and negatively impacts not only your well-being, but your work and the people around you. We often treat our symptoms, but forget that many ailments can be traced back to bad habits and a not so ideal lifestyle.

I’ve always been generally healthy and luck to have no major ailments (knock on wood). But I go through the seasons of sickness and more so now, with age, have noticed how much harder it is to plow through difficult times and to bounce back from sickness. There’s also the years and years of wear and tear on my body (and mind) and so I really need to help myself and make a change.

I’ve realized how important is is to build a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle with good habits, because then it’s not a struggle to “do the right thing.” As a mom, I’m also realizing how important good habits are and how they make life so much easier! When we have a good habit, it all works automatically and it isn’t a struggle. This is especially important for my kids, they just do certain things because it’s become habit. But if I haven’t helped them develop those habits, it’s a constant struggle!

If we are what we eat and do… then it’s supremely important that we know what we are eating and doing and how all of it makes us feel in the end. I think that is the missing component sometimes. From the data collected, we have to realize if it’s making us feel good or not.

I decided to created a daily health log where I would write down my food intake, but also how I feel throughout the day. It’s so helpful to have this all in one place, so that you can easily see patterns and connections.

Use this log for at least two weeks and truly understand what you are doing and how it makes you feel. I recommend starting with logging your food intake, but you can also add in water intake, exercise and even bowel movements. Whatever you want to track, just make a quick note and log how you are feeling. You’ll start seeing connections of when you haven’t eaten well and feel hungry earlier in the day or when you eat something un-agreeable and feel bloated or digestive issues.

Download Lets Get Healthy Daily Log LETTER PDF

Download Lets Get Healthy Daily Log A4 PDF

Just download the printable log in your preferred paper size from the links above and even photocopy so you have a bunch ready. Stick it in a binder and keep it open with a pen ready, in a location, such as the kitchen. This will ensure you remember to log everything down.

If you want to get to a healthier place, then you need to know where you stand right now. That’s why a daily log is so important… because we never remember all the details – you’ve got to write it down.

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BTW, I regularly use essential oils and supplements to help support my well-being, as well as balance my emotions, improve focus and kickstart my motivation. From improving my immune system to alleviating sleeping and digestive issues, I always look for natural solutions for betterment and change. If you are ready for a change, learn more about how I use essential oils here.

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