History shows that we usually react to the problems of society and try to fix whatever is wrong. But how many times have you heard that being reactive is not enough? The trend is towards prevention, right? So when it comes to the science of happiness, why not prevent sadness to begin with? Okay, I realize that is not always possible. But I think we can all agree that happiness is important for our lives. We all want to be happy.

I think the most important little tidbit I’ve learned from reading happiness books, scouring articles and generally pondering… is that you can control your happiness. Sure it can be difficult, no one said it’s easy to be happy all day long. In fact, I’ve learned that genetics does have a huge impact…but it simply makes your journey a little tougher, not impossible.

A large part of your happiness comes from your thinking and attitude! Now, let me say that the goal is not happy-go-lucky 24/7. Our moods wane and wax like the moon and it’s okay. I’ve often noted that my default face and mood is sort of “bleh” and I don’t even realize it! The important point to realize that you can help yourself to be happy when you need it…to bounce back from sadness…or perhaps even prevent yourself from sliding down that slippery slope. You are not a victim and it’s not hopeless.

The super simplest easiest way to brighten up your mood? Smile.

Trite? Too simple? Try it…you know it works. Smile big and hold it. Feel silly? You are sending signals to your brain to be happy. When your brain realizes that you are happy, it likes that and gets a bit happier… feedback loop! Simple but true.

Try out my happy thought today – just smile.


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