Happy Monday everyone! I always take Mondays slow, giving myself a day to catch up where needed and soak up positive inspiration – instead of rushing around, giving myself anxiety at the start of a new week. It’s something I truly am thankful to be able to do, such a contrast from my old corporate working days of doing ten thousands things at the same time and getting overwhelmed constantly. I love to block out time to go through all my RSS feeds and survey the scene, taking it slow and really taking things in. I thought I would share some lovely links regarding what inspires me or just makes me smile. Like the daily drawings and collage work by Amanda Hawkins, fascinating to me and inspiring whenever anyone takes on a daily routine. I recently started following Carissa Paige’s blog as well and very much inspired by her work as well as her words, so open in sharing her feelings and experiences. Also, since the launch of Crescendoh.com I’ve visited the site for theĀ Art Saves stories that are posted every Monday and then returning every day for the new links that are posted by the weekly curators. It’s definitely a place to be inspired not only regarding your art and craft, but really positive thoughts about life in general.

In addition, when I do get to doing something I like to listen to podcasts and radio shows to fill in the silence – or more truthfully cover up the construction noises from across the street! I’m a big fan of folks who broadcast on BlogTalkRadio…listening to art and craft related shows such as…

I hope you can take it slow this Monday, or at least take 30 seconds to just breath deeply and start the week with positivity and tranquility. Until tomorrow my lovelies, when I will share another art journal with me post!

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