When we start to eat lots of strawberries, our turtles subsequently get fed all the strawberry tops. We know they love ’em and I’m always mesmerized watching them chomp away. They get all red around the mouth like lipstick…so funny!

Doesn’t he look like he’s hoarding the strawberries? Mine, mine, all mine – muhahaha! In the end he couldn’t finish them anyway. It made me think about the way I hoard materials. I instinctually want to “save the good stuff” and wait for the “right project” – even though we probably all have our stashes still stashed away. How bizarre! My mother-in-law has been cleaning out house as well and we keep finding treasures hidden away. At least, treasures if you are a fan of antiques! It got me thinking again about posessions and how we like to pack things away. In the end, we might have never used or enjoyed those wonderful things we stashed. It’s all very weird when you think about it, right?

Shouldn’t we use more often the things we love and enjoy them to the fullest? Shouldn’t we spend the most time and money on those everyday things that make a difference in our lives…instead of that super expensive something we hide away for fear of “ruining.” Enough of the insanity, right? Perhaps it’s the warm weather making me feel free and wanting to break out! My husband and I are going on another IKEA run this weekend and I will take the opportunity to get even more organized with my own crafty supplies. Wish me luck on organization, it does seem to be a constant endeavor.

In other news, the lovely journal I made yesterday has its first drawing inside now. I did a little sketching with my niece and she actually helped me color this girl in. Of course, she’s a frog girl because that’s what my niece said the face looks like. You can see from the close-up that I have a thing for round eyes. Maybe that looks froggish? My style is definitely not realistic, instead I like the whimsy fantasy style because you can make-up whatever you want. I suppose it’s okay she looks froggy. I still have to work on expressions and making my ladies not so generic. It’s true that often the female faces we see appear to be quite benign…

Something for me to work on with my new journal. Well, enough updates on my random musings and thoughts. Thanks for stopping by as always and happy friday! BTW, if you want to check out more photos of our turtles, see them on my Flickr photostream. Otherwise, have a lovely weekend, ciao ciao!