This month I decided to watch the video interviews on CreativeLive by Chase Jarvis and get some daily inspiration, motivation and wisdom. I’ve decided to blog about the series, logging my thoughts and takeaways…

Day 6 creative genius – LeVar Burton.

I know LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow and then Star Trek. Learning more about his experience made me even more respectful and in awe of him. Wow. Talk about amazingness.

The interview was an inspiring and interesting discussion and I think my biggest takeaway is about how he kept on going even though it seemed as if he reached the pinnacle of success, so many times.

Fake it until you make it? But do we ever really make it?

That’s the thought that ran through my head while listening to the interview. Perhaps it’s about enjoying the entire process and always striving to do your best, rather than thinking there is a destination to reach. Because even if you get there… then what?

Now let me go and watch some old episodes of Reading Rainbow 🙂

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