While Spring cleaning here and there, I thought it would be nice to share a peek into my collection of sketchbooks and journals.


I’ve actually collected a lot of old work and scraps and bound them together into a journal as well. I often doodle on loose sheets, so my journals are in no way chronological or organized. It’s just a random smattering of visual ideas really.


I think that with all the sharing online, we often forget about the original purpose of sketchbooks or art journals or whatever you want to call it. It’s simply a place for you to work out your musings. It’s not really meant to be displayed to the world. I have realized that sometimes I might be creating something to blog about it, instead of creating as naturally as possible… without the thought of sharing.


It’s probably the curse of blogging, because I am constantly wondering what I should and could share on this blog. It’s not the only driving force, but it has become one aspect that drives my creativity.


Perhaps it’s good to have a bit of accountability, but at the same time… I think it can deter and deflect our efforts oftentimes.


Do you regularly sketch and journal away? Do you ever think to share or is it a completely personal practice?


I often see other artists’ sketchbooks and feel a bit envious. They can be so amazing, so neat, so full of ideas.


But I have to remind myself that those are select pages… it’s not the whole picture. We could never understand completely how it feels to be in another person’s shoes.


I suppose the important thing is to just create. Don’t stop. Let yourself go and somewhere here and there… you’ll have some great ideas. Hope you enjoyed this peek into my sketchbooks…